Hanging Bird Feeders Ideas

Bird Feeder Hanging Pole

Hanging bird feeders represent a good solution as compared with other mangers, as they have some advantages and are simple in installation and maintenance. The variety of feeding racks is very large. To choose a right one you have to determine what species of feather creatures live in your area, what exactly you want to attract, and what manger is convenient for these purposes.

Hanging bird feeder plans are simple in their realization. As their aim is to protect flying visitors and to make their meal calm and safe, it is important to choose a right place; which must be unapproachable for rodents an cats. It is good when the location is comfortable to watch winged guests from home, and to have an easy access to refill and clean the rack. To achieve the goal, place a pole away from trees, or mount a manger on a long twig far from a trunk. Another way is to arrange a fare just under the room of house. But even in this case your feeding item isn’t safe.

Hang Bird Feeder from Deck

As squirrels are often the most harmful, squirrel baffles for hanging bird feeders were invented. They are made in such a way that birdies can get seeds with their beaks through small holes, when these small rodents aren’t able to reach the meal. These types of feeding racks look like a long glass tube, and it can be easily hung anywhere with a hook. This hanging bird feeders squirrel proof works well in practice. If you have not got a possibility to purchase such a manger or to place it rightly, try to add hot peppers in the fare. It isn’t dangerous for squirrels, but they don’t like it at all, and will stop to visit you yard. At the same time peppers don’t make effect on birds.

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