Finch Bird Feeders and Its Pros and Cons

Finch Bird Seed Feeders

The market of the time offers several types of finch bird feeders. They are plastic tubes, mesh socks and platforms. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider each type separately. Plastic tubes have a long service life, but they are prone to be destroyed by squirrels. Plastic is good from hygienic point of view as it is easy to clean. Besides, these mangers help to avoid messiness on the ground. Their transparency permits to control the fullness. A suitable tube can be homemade of a two-liter bottle. Drill several holes to run a wire for a hanger, to make perches and for feeding birdies.

Socks represent a long narrow bag made of mesh fabric. They attract the songbirds well, but are hard for cleaning. Manufactured socks are squirrel proof. If you don’t afraid of them, have homemade finch bird feeders. Simply take old pantyhose, fill it with seeds and hang from a tree branch. To get a platform rack, cut a square of plywood, made hooks on each corner and hang your article.

Finch Bird Feeders Homemade

Independently on your choice, remember that a manger have to be cleaned at least once a month or often. For attracting finches to bird feeders the food must be dry and clean. To achieve the gain, install a roof above the feeder to keep it from rain and snow. Think also about menu. This songbirds like whole sunflower seeds and kernels, safflower, millet, flex and thistle.

There is also a question where to place finch bird feeders. Put them under a tree brunch, or under a roof in rainy and snowy seasons. The location has to be calm. To make birdies feel safe, install a manger close to trees and bushes, and at least 6 feet from the ground.

Finch Bird Feeder Location

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