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Bird water feeder is a wonderful lure for feathered creatures, and it is no less important than feeding racks. True birdies lover provide always fresh fluid for their favorites. Moreover, many of them like to bath and splash around, especially in hot days. It is good to make a drinking bowl for small birdies, because bigger ones always dominate near sources of moisture, and it is difficult for the smallest to get some drops.

A homemade bird water feeder is not complicated. A brilliant but simple idea is about a wreath. You need a twine, river stones, a glass pie plate and a grape vine wreath. Tie four pieces of twine around the wreath, join twines on a top and hang the construction. Put the plate inside and fill it with stones and life-giving liquid. Stones are need for visitors can stand. It is also possible to place the article on a support. It has a really nice look, and cheap and easy to make.

Bird Feeder from Water Bottle

Water bottle bird feeders are not so fine but, nevertheless, good in use and incredibly simple to construct. You have to take a pet or a carbonate bottle, any bowl, a short and narrow plastic pipe, some glue and a drill machine. Make a hole in the bottle neck with the drill; insert the pipe into the hole. Stick the cap to the middle of the bowl, then fill the bottle and turn the cap with the plate. Turn over the item and hang it. The moisture will run out step by step in the dish.

It is clear that a wild bird water feeder is a mere thing that doesn’t ask much effort and expenses. Wash and fill with your drinking bowls regularly and you will always have the possibility to enjoy flocks of winged guests.

Water Bottle Bird Feeder Instructions

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