What to Consider in a Bird Feeder Stand

Bird Feeder Station with Planter Stand

largeMost people imagine birdy bait as a hung up, and not many of them have ever think about bird feeder stand advantages. In reality this type is even better. The first cause is in an easy installation anywhere you want, because it doesn’t require a tree to be hung on. A standing rack is easily accessible for people to clean and to refill the reservoir.

Free standing bird feeders have some requirements. The most important are steadiness and safety. The leg mustn’t wobble and have to be enough stable to hold on a rack, especially if it is a big size. It’s better when the surface of the pole is smooth, not to let squirrels and cats to get small flying creatures.

Metal Bird Feeder Stand

The most part of supports are very simple. It may be a pole with a large plate at the bottom, which gives the stability, or a tripod. One-leg pole have to be dug into the ground. A tripod and a large round bottom are easier for installation. You can simply place and remove them where and when you need.

Stands for bird feeders are mainly metal and wooden, thanks to their resistance and accessibility. Each householder is able to find in his garage a suitable old iron tube, or a needless wooden squared beam, to make a support by himself.

But stand-alone bird feeders are not always so modest. Those who are ready to spend money for a special article can purchase very unusual uprights. As an example, you can decorate your garden with real steel sculptures, which look like a tree. They have metal trunks. Their twigs serve as porches, and their flowers and leaves are seeds vessel. Such a real piece of art plays a decorative and feeding role simultaneously.

Bird Feeder Stand Plans

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