Easy Ideas for Bird Feeders DIY

Easy DIY Bird Feeder

Autumn is time to realize unusual bird feeders DIY projects. You can find materials from your closet for this aim. The first idea is using recycled crockery. Take a drill and make a hole in the center of the ceramic plate and bowl. Insert a threaded long metal stick between them. Fix the parts with screws. After that fill the lower basin with grain or bread. Little garden friends will be happy to eat your food from the cozy place.

Another idea is using an old metal teapot. Just fix it on the tree or side of the house and enjoy. The thing is universal for birds as they can use it as a nest. Don’t forget to protect it against water and atmosphere influence to guarantee longer service of the pot.

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

Some easy DIY bird feeders may be cool. They sometimes remain the popular restaurants with high tables and chairs. The realization of this project is simple. Find the high legs from a table or chairs, glue a saucer on it to put a cup with homemade food at the top.

The outdoor feeders require a coverage which protects it against water and other spoilers. The cover must be transparent. It mustn’t create problems with access to desired food for birds even in a bad weather.

The DIY bird feeder plans have a lot of advantages. The first trump is that you have the opportunity to create a unique feeding place and send the warmth of your heart to the birds. You can watch their games and struggle for each grain from the box on distance. But the main value is that the little hunters will thank you for their survival in winter. These cute friends will help you to win the battle against harvest enemies in your garden.

DIY Bird Feeders Plans

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