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Creating Comfort with Glass Bird Bath

Glass Dragonfly Bird Bath

If you want to attract the attention of the guests immediately, just use a glass bird bath and they will admire its beauty and fragility. There are some types of such landscape decoration, such as hanging and free-standing.

Bird bath glass bowl is the most important element in this construction. As a rule, such a bowl has a round shape with a hollow in the middle. If you decide to buy a ready-made water dish you will be pleasantly surprised with the great variety of models offered by the manufacturers. Designers create and depict impressive and bright pictures: flowers, water lilies, butterflies, inhabitants of the ocean. Of course, such a beauty should be situated on a special stand either metal or glass.

Peacock Glass Bird Bath

Usually hanging glass bird bath has a round shape too, but sometimes it is made in the form of a flower with waved edges. It is also possible to make it at home using the materials everyone has at home. So, take a small bowl with a diameter of about 25-30 cm and make three holes on the upper edge of it. Use a drill for this purpose. Then insert hooks into these holes and attach to them chains of similar length. All three chains should be hung up on one hook or a nail. So, suspended water bowl is ready for usage. The depth of the drinker should be about 25 mm. Never forget that in open places your feathered friends sometimes feel insecure, so it is better to place this “pool” near the trees and bunches.

Surely, if you want to save money you can do a glass bird bath bowl yourself. All you need is to find or buy a nice big glass dish. If you want to decorate it you can draw everything you want. But do not choose toxic paint otherwise it may poison the birds coming to your place.

Blue Glass Bird Bath Bowl

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