Most Elegant Hanging Bird Bath

Make a Hanging Bird Bath

If you want to keep our feathered friends safe from cats and other animals hanging bird bath is the best variant for this. Of course, it will decorate your garden, because it can be made of different materials: glass, ceramics, copper, plastic and others.

To make a diy hanging bird bath you need:

Terracotta Hanging Bird Bath
  • small and shallow metal, faience or glass bowl;
  • 3 ropes or chains to hang the bowl;
  • electric drill;
  • wires or hooks to attach the chains to the bowl.

Take a small bowl with a diameter of about 25-30 cm and make three holes on the upper edge of it. Use a drill for this purpose. Then insert hooks into these holes and attach chains of similar length to them. All three chains should be hung up on one hook or a nail. So, suspended water bowl is ready for usage.

Ceramic hanging bird bath is considered to be very popular one, because of its functionality and durability. It can be presented in different colours and interesting pictures. As a rule, it has a round shape, but if you want you can try to make any shape you want. Hanging glass bird bath is also an interesting variant, but in this case you should pay special attention to the glass. It should be of high quality not to break down and hurt birds.

Despite the fact that it is situated outside it requires constant cleaning. Don’t forget to add fresh water from time to time. It may also happen that water becomes overgrown and a water bowl gets dirty. It can just be cleaned with a brush without any detergents. Lavender helps to prevent water from becoming overgrown. Just keep a few sprigs of this plant in the bowl. It will not make any harm to your feathered friends.

Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath

So, just use your fantasy and the materials you have at home and you will have interesting decoration in your garden.

22 Photos of the Most Elegant Hanging Bird Bath

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