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Factors to Consider in Cool Bird Feeders

Cool Bird Feeders to Make

Still find ideas of cool bird feeders for current fall and winter season? Sit down, take a cup of coffee or tea and read as we discovered them for you. Most cool items you can make yourselves using recycled things and a little part of imagination. Some of them can seem strange but they attract birds more efficiently than manufactured analogues.

The first idea is using an old shoe. Just nail it to the tree and allow birds to feed on it. The advantage of such project is that birds will feel comfortable in such warm house. The shoe will serve as a feeder for a couple of seasons until the end of its life.

Cool Bird Feeders to Make

The wood log is also one of really cool bird feeders. Its construction purports the real defense of food and birds from snow and wind. The size of the hole allows the birds as dove, sparrow or nightingale to use the feeder without problems.

And the last idea is milk containers. Some attentive readers may notice that these items have sharp edges of cuts. Yeah, it’s right, the texture may damage the sensitive birds legs. But we have a solution which will make the feeder safer for little creatures. Just make a hole at inch level above the bottom at opposite sides and put a small stick between them. It will serve as landing point marker which guarantees the safety of birds

Such cool bird feeder designs are a brilliant idea to entertain the children. They will not only take part in creation process but also will learn how to care our nature. These ideas are simple to make. They will become a perfect solution for some school and college lessons as most of the feeders have a short term of service due to birds activity.

Really Cool Bird Feeders

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