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Facts About Glass Bird Feeders

Glass Globe Bird Feeder

Birdies mangers can be made of different materials. Glass bird feeders don’t keep in the background because this stuff has some advantages. First and foremost, it is an easy cleaning thanks to the smooth surface. Its transparency shows well the dirt, permits to control the food amount and to watch birdies’ fuss. Secondly, the stuff is healthy for feather guests because it is resistant to mold and rot. Not surprisingly that many birders chose items of the material.

There are mainly hanging glass bird feeders, because it is difficult to mount them on a pole. On account of their comparative fragility pay more attention to a fastening safety. Among these mangers are manufactured tubes that have to be secured on a tree trunk. The tubes are inapproachable for squirrels. A distinct popularity belongs to manger with doughnut look. They are not big and heavy, can be hung anywhere (on a twig, under a roof or on a balcony), and are comfortable as for feather visitors so for people. Vitreous ‘’doughnuts’’ can boast by different colors. They like also round glass bird feeders thanks to their functionality and simplicity. Both of these feeding racks are able not only attract birdies but decorate well you area.

Homemade Glass Bird Feeders

Except industry manufactured containers, which you can purchase in specialized shops, there is a possibility to make a glass bottle bird feeder by yourself. Furthermore, it will not be worse in use and it is easy to realize. Everything you need is a bottle of wine or another drink, a copper wire and a feeder base. Wrap the wire around the bottle starting at its neck to its bottom. Leave a piece of wire long enough to make a hook and to hung the bottle. Fill in your new item, attach the base to the neck, hang it and enjoy.

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