Tips & Tricks for Incredible Martin Bird House Decor

Martin House for Birds

Each city inhabitant who has a garden or a yard must build some martin bird house. These birds help the gardeners to struggle with insects and crows. So how to build a comfortable apartment for this important friend?

The first recommendation is a careful choice of its location. The flat for martin must be situated in a place with the clear approach as traffic controllers could say. Don’t use ramshackle and old trees for it as any storm or time will break it. We are sure that you don’t want to cause a hurt to birds, so be attentive with this aspect.

Martin Bird House Gourds

Another factor is enough space for rising colony. Most martin bird house plans purport multistoried construction with the optional addition of compartments. Each story is an accommodation for a single pair of  birds. So you need to have resources and enough space to satisfy all needs of your rising colony.

The number of materials for construction of martin city is quite rich. It includes traditional wooden varieties, aluminum or even natural gourds. However, its exterior surface must be white as it must descend the temperature inside in summer.

The minimal size of the compartment in purple martin bird house kit is 6×6 inches while maximal is 7×12 inches. It must be comfortable and have all required protection elements from predators and means of accessibility for birds like a hinged door, entrance hole and so on. Their measurements you can find in multiple sources or count yourselves. The optimal required height for this construction is 12-20 feet from the ground.

Purple Martin Bird House Design

Don’t forget that the compartments should have good ventilation, insulation, and drainage. The nests will dry faster if you make some holes in the bottom and  raised sub-floor protection from rain. To protect your colony from squirrels and other unwanted guests, take care of pole guards which will stop them.

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