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Fantastic Ideas for Bird Feeder Baffle

Raccoon Baffles for Bird Feeders

The bird feeder baffle is a required thing which protects the food for winged friends from greedy squirrels and raccoons. Now we’ll teach you how to do it yourself and save money for the family needs.

First, you need to prepare all required materials and tools. The materials list starts from 6-inch diameter and 24 inches long stovepipe. It usually comes in the black color scheme. The alternative for it will be galvanized duct pipe. Its advantage is that you can paint it yourself.

Bird Feeder Baffle Squirrel

Don’t forget to purchase suitable stovepipe ends, 3 or 4 sheets of metal screws and a hose clamp. The maximal length of screws mustn’t exceed half an inch and the clamp must be small enough to fit around “restaurant” main pole.

The tools list includes pliers and a drill with larger and smaller drill bits to make holes in metal surfaces.

The manual how to make a baffle for bird feeder follows below. Work in safe conditions without dangerous or traumatic things nearby.

Baffle for Bird Feeder
  • Install the clamp inside pliers and drill it with a large drill bit or a saw. Don’t touch it with your hands as working drill can slip and injury you.
  • Easy place the clamp inside the stovepipe.
  • Take the smaller bit. Drill the cap sides capturing the stovepipe
  • Fix them together with screws sheets.
  • Now point down the detail and quickly squeeze the pole of bird café through the central hole. Its top must be 5 inches above the ground. Mark the future pole’s position on the baffle and remove it.
  • Take a screwdriver and place the clamp according to the pointed mark.
  • Return the ready bird feeder squirrel baffle to its place and finish the installation of other feeder elements.

The metal baffle will serve you for a long time nevertheless of the number of pole changes.

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