What Are the Pros And Cons of Copper Bird Feeder?

Copper Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

The elegant copper bird feeder will be a brilliant decoration in your garden. The unique thing created by you will attract not only little creatures but also squirrels.

The process of its construction is very simple. This is a way to gather all members together to help the birds to survive in winter. The feeder with a copper roof is a reflection of Eastern motives with great functionality.

Hanging Copper Bird Feeder

Its base is a chamber dried softwood. It is fixed with fasteners and humid proof glue. The decorative elements of such construction are made of wood. Cover the walls with two layers of the paint for exterior use. Be careful as the paints for metal surfaces are unpractical for wooden ones.

As we mentioned above, copper roof bird feeder reflects Eastern style. This feature gifts a uniqueness and elegance. If you want to personalize it, write your initials or family symbol on the top with waterproof paint.

Such construction and bird feeder craft set suppose long-term service during multiple seasons. The acrylic waterproof coverage protects it against precipitation and destructive atmospheric influence. Besides, the paint opens wide opportunities for homemade designers as they can image the attractive ornaments on its walls.

Copper Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

If you have no skills or time to make your personal feeder for funny creatures with wings, you can buy the manufactured item. The shops provide a lot of traditional and original varieties of bird cafes. The most widespread are perky pet copper panorama bird feeder. The design and shape of tricky thing allow the birds to feed on multiple positions. The only disadvantage of such approach is that their size is too small for squirrels. So if you want to feed also these grey or orange animals, adjust something for this purpose in another place.

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