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Large Bird Feeders and Its Considerations

Large Hanging Bird Feeders

Watching and feeding birdies is a popular pastime, and large bird feeders help to attract as many of them as possible. Big aviaries are often used in industrial aims, or by those who want to lure a really big flock of different species of our flying friends. In the same time a wide size of a manger is related with some difficulties. Large bird feeders plans must take into considerations the security, the possibility of cleaning and filling, and the expenses. To provide the creatures security, make sure that a manger is placed firmly. On the other hand, a solid rack has to be properly maintained. Clean and refill it as often as possible. Don’t leave remainder seeds for a long time, because dirt and moisture provoke the appearance of bacteria, which are dangerous for birdies. The best way to protect the food is to provide large platform bird feeders with roofs. A cover doesn’t let rain and snow to touch the fare. Be ready that such a rack asks a serious amount of food, and more food you offer more winged creatures visit your yard regularly. This is evidently related with more expenses.

It has to be mentioned that your feeding rack need a prevention from squirrels. Large bird feeders squirrel proof are more difficult to arrange. It is advisable to place a platform as far as possible from nearest trees. Make the pole smooth for not to allow squirrels climb it. If you are still afraid of these small red rodents, add safflower seeds that squirrels don’t like. They also don’t bear hot pepper, which birdies don’t notice.

Large Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Weight the pros and cons for a solid manger, but independently of your choice, if you have fallen in love with winged creatures you will never stop loving them.

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