Ideas for a Majestic Wooden Bird Houses

Colorful Wooden Bird Houses

The wooden bird houses are most natural for our winged friends. It is one of the tasks in school education. We will give you 3 pieces of advice which will improve the importance of these houses.

Most schools and parents teach their pupils and children to build typical houses for all species of birds. However, this practice is a mistake. It’s important know the peculiarities of certain species. Each state or county library has a ready set “Woodworking for wildlife” containing wooden bird houses plans for different winged citizens. The advantage of such publications is that people will not only see the correct house plans and dimensions but also learn new facts about garden guests. Some of them continue valuable recommendations how to build nest boxes in zones with tornado risks.

Wooden Bird House Designs

One of the most important accommodation parts o is a roof. It must be simple and proof enough to defeat the predators. Take care about easy access for annual inspection. Use the paired nails with big heads for roof connection with an upper edge on the compartment side.

Another important aspect is quick removal of water. This is a guarantee of comfortable life for garden defenders during heavy rainy season. The size of drainage holes must be approximately a quarter of an inch. Drill them near house bottom. The only exception is apartments for Peterson bluebird. Another factor for better water removal will be slopping floor and space for the opening of the door in case of necessity.

And the last recommendation is to follow DIY wooden bird house building instructions carefully. Remember the main rule of a carpenter: measure thrice and cut once. Only, in this case, the result will satisfy both parts. You’ll demonstrate the accuracy and the birds will get the secure accommodation for the summer period.

Wooden Bird House Designs

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