Mainstream Decoration of Bird Bath Bowl

DIY Bird Bath Bowl

The materials bird bath bowl can be made of are: concrete, glass, ceramic, copper, plastic, stone or any other material that can be used outdoors and hold water. Manufacturers offer a great variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Of course, it is not difficult to make it at home using the materials you have at hand. Just remember that they should be placed on columns to protect your “feathered guests” from cats.

Concrete bird bath bowl is a popular variant of landscape design. It can combine both a “pool” for your feathered friends and a fountain with nice figures. Take into account the fact that birds are attracted by the sounds of running water and will visit your garden very soon. Moreover, such bowls can be easily made at home. You just need such materials as: cement, sand, water, polyethylene film and a special item to make the form of the water dish. You can paint it to make it more bright and attracting everybody’s attention.

Bird Bath Bowl Concrete

If you don’t have the desire and ability to work with building materials, but you want to decorate the landscape, so there is a simpler variant. Hanging glass bird bath bowl looks elegant and fragile and you can have it just using an old glass dish. It is good if there is a print on it, but if there is no any picture on it, you can use your creativity and paint everything you want. For example, you can decorate it like a sun, a cloud or a flower.

Today landscape designers offer a lot of interesting opportunities for those who want to decorate their yard. One of such opportunities is bird ceramic bath bowl. For this purpose one can use old ceramic dish and place it on any column you have; it may be a piece of pipe, an old pot, a stump, a metal base and here it is.

Large Bird Bath Bowl

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