Why an Aviary Bird Cage is a Wonderful Choice

Cage Bird and Aviary

The benefit of the aviary bird cage is really great, because it gives the possibility to keep your feathered friends in the conditions close to their native habitat, so they can easily fly, enjoy fresh air and brood.

Bird cages and aviaries are both homes for your feathered friends, but they have some differences in their placement, because cages can be used only indoor. They both can be of different colors, sizes and shapes. Of course, rectangular and round shapes are considered to be a classical variant. But today manufacturers offer new interesting designs. For example, many people choose hexagonal aviary bird cage. It will surely become the center of attention in your house or garden. If there is a free corner in the house or flat it can be transformed and a nice corner coop will decorate it. Everything depends on the creativity, desire and free time.

Cage and Aviary Birds

There are two types of aviaries depending on the way of mounting:

  • Ground – is mounted directly on the ground on a special concrete base to protect the birds from rats or other predators. Polyvinylchloride or wooden aviary bird cage is the most popular example of the ground type.
  • Suspended – is mounted with the help of fixed bearing. In this case there is no direct contact with the ground, so it increases the degree of safety from predators. As a rule, it is made of metal.

This accommodation can be also either temporary or permanent. Temporary one is often a seasonal open-air coop and the permanent one is used for all-year living.

Today it is easy to buy the cage you want, but if you decide to make an outdoor bird aviary yourself don’t forget to make a lobby there. It will prevent its inhabitant from flying out. In addition, you can keep necessary equipment and food here.

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