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Variety of Bird Feeder Station

Bird Feeder Station Plans

What’s more effective to use: several bird feeders in different parts of the garden or a single bird feeder station? Let’s discover the winner. The first step is differentiation of terms. The bird feeder is usually a construction which has a single dish for seeds, grain or small insects depending on bird species you want to attract in your garden.

The station purports using a combination of the feeders. They look like coat hangers or tripods for the camera and other gadgets. You can do such construction yourselves or purchase manufactured multi bird feeder station in any wildlife market.

Bird Feeder Station with Planter Stand

Now be ready to estimate the time you need to fulfill the storage. In the case of single feeders you need more time to do this. Why? They are thrown throughout your yard. So you need to clean the roads to them than to delete a snow from dishes… To fill them before you leave to work very quickly will be difficult.

The situation changes cardinally if you have garden bird feeder station. You can install it near the home entrance or opposite of your room’s balcony. In this case, you stanch your own task. The filling of containers will take less time than earlier.

Some of the useful items have a protection against atmospheric influence. So any heavy snow or strong wind can’t disturb your fostering friends.

Free Standing Bird Feeder Station

As you see, the winner is clear. The advantages of such stations are not only saving the time but also decorative and auxiliary functionality. Some manufacturers offer things with a stand for a flower pot. Another add a solar light which allows you and your guests or relatives to identify it at night. Besides, the bird restaurant complex can be cheaper than several single items.

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