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Birds Pecking at House Windows

We continue publication of articles about the attraction of birds to the garden. Today we’ll speak about window bird houses. This is one of the best ways to watch their life close to your room. You will enjoy the sparrows or martins who wait and then care for their babies.

These birds including chickadees doves and a lot of others will admire such flats. However, the builder must take into account some rules. The entrance hole location of such construction must be protected from rains and winds. Choose the sunny place for it. The best sides are southern and southeastern with a significant amount of natural light.

Window Mounted Bird Houses

The optimal height for window mounted bird houses is about 5-6 feet. It is strictly forbidden to install these houses near trees with long branches. The cats and other mammals may use them to kill baby birds or steal their food. Besides, don’t locate houses near feeders as you’ll create a stressful situation for parenting birds. The other danger is a risk that wild hunters will destroy the inner nest and break all eggs.

The usage of perches isn’t recommended in this case. You can attract birds only if you offer the conditions which are most close to natural peculiarities of the species. Most of them don’t use any helpers similar to perch. The best way for them is to cling on the edge of the entrance hole. The perches are a help for predators in their raids.

As you chose the place for bird houses attached to window, don’t forget about mirror film panel. This will help you to watch the real birds’ life without disturbing them. The winged hunters won’t see you and your guests so it’s a good idea to fix the most important moments on a camera without risk to startle them.

Coveside Panoramic in House Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel

27 Photos of the Original Window Bird Houses

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