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DIY Wooden Bird Feeders

Many people who like nature try to make wooden bird feeders, especially in their own yard and gardens. A rack can be made of different materials; plastic, metal, glass etc. But wood is the most popular as it is a natural material that blends well with the environment. They resemble lanterns or tiny houses without walls but with a floor to place seeds, and a roof to protect the feed from moisture. It’s better to have a feeding rack visible inside the house to have the possibility to enjoy them fluttering and eating.

If you’ve decided to have such a thing in your garden, buy one or make wooden bird feeder by yourself. The handicraft may be completely inexpensive. Everything you need is some old fence boards and nails. An experienced man is able to gather a rack easy, and there are stepped instructions for a beginner. Of course, homemade wooden bird feeders are simple and have a modest look. If you want to have something decorative, buy more fine and beautiful item, as the market offer really picturesque things.

Large Wooden Bird Feeders

It must be mentioned that there are different types of mangers. Hanging ones are easy to place anywhere, and often hung on trees or under a porch and patio. Stationary mangers are attachable to a tree or atop a pole. The last are good for places with a few trees and protect birdies from squirrels and cats. We can not to mention wooden gazebo bird feeders, which play also a decorative role.

By making a manger don’t forget about several important advices. First of all it must be safe. Fasten the rack well, because in a case of fall it can injure someone. And secondly, take into account an easy access for birdies. If you follow these simple rules, you will have the possibility to watch them for a long time.

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