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Creative Homemade Bird Houses

Homemade Bird Houses Plans

Today our topic is ideas of homemade bird houses. But the first paragraph will be dedicated to their advantages comparatively with manufactured items. The homemade projects are winning because you make its design yourself.

The spectrum of materials and shapes of the houses is unlimited. You can use as traditional materials like wood or plastic as recycled things from your closet. The second case is a beautiful idea to give them a new life.

Homemade Bird House Plans

The project of kettle teapot is very simple. The hole where you poured the water is a perfect entrance. Its nose will serve as a drainage channel. To fix it on a tree or near the window you need to drill a hole in a bottom for a nail. Don’t forget to secure it to avoid birds injuries. The same scheme works for other deep things like pains. But in this case, you need to make holes near the bottom for drainage.

Another idea is building cool homemade bird houses. It may be everything you want – multistoried units for bird colonies or some houses which look like a palace for winged friends. Paint them with attractive colors and enjoy the cheerful songs from nests inside.

If you work with old license plates for cars, you can use them as a roof for a creative compartment. Just ensure that the plate fits planned apartment size. Some little species will enjoy them. Meanwhile, such houses are the safest varieties as bigger birds feel uncomfortable there.

Homemade Bird Houses Designs

And the last way to realize homemade bird house plans is using garden tools. Why don’t transform an old watering can into fantastic bird house? Or maybe you prefer a sturdy clay flower pot with a ready hole in the bottom?

As you see, the field of research has a lot of white dots. Let’s fill them together.

9 Photos of the Creative Homemade Bird Houses

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