Which of the Modern Bird Bath is Better for You?

Modern Style Bird Baths

People who take care about our little feathered friends just a little will have a modern bird bath in their garden. It perfectly decorates both a big garden and a little backyard. The construction consists of a column and a bowl. It can be made of any materials: ceramics, stone, glass, metal. It can be free-standing and hanging. It has a practical and a decorative function.

Looking at modern bird bath fountain there is an impression that they are alive. There are figures of angels, animals, people, flowers and many others. Mosaic water dish with a solar fountain is getting more and more popular, because they does not require electricity and the sounds of running water attracts birds.

Modern Stone Bird Baths

When we speak about modern bird bath metal constructions are among the most popular ones. Designers offer interesting variants, when a bird made of iron sits on the tree made of metal. You can also see figures of Gods or Antique heroes holding bowls with water. So, among such a great variety you can choose the one that will fit the design of the garden or yard.

As for the modern stone bird baths, it is necessary to mention their advantages: durability, resistance to temperature changes, ecological compatibility. Both natural and artificial stone is used today by the manufacturers. Marble and granite objects are considered to show good taste of the owners and they look really luxurious.

Choosing such modern “pool” take into account characteristics of every material it is made of. For example, such material as glass looks elegant and impress with nice patterns, but it is very fragile and it is not recommended to use it in winter. Stone things, for example, are durable and can bear any temperature changes, but they are dull and do not have interesting patters. Ceramics is nice and bright, but if you want to have something unique you should do it with your own hands using your creativity and skills.

Modern Design Bird Baths

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