Everybody Happy with DIY Bird Bath

DIY Flower Pot Bird Bath

Watching the birds’ bathing is funny and exciting, so diy bird bath is becoming more and more popular in the gardens of every country. Usually it is made in the form of a flat bowl on a high stand. The depth of this “pool” should be paid a special attention to; to make it comfortable, the water should be “up to the bird’s knee”. But there are no restrictions as for the diameter. Just place such a structure in your garden, fill it with clean water and wait for the guests!

There ae many interesting, but simple diy bird bath ideas. The simplest variant is just to cut off the top of the plastic bottle (preferably 5 or 6 liters). But think about the convenience for the feathered friends and paste insulating tape along a contour of cutting for them not to cut their legs. It is also desirable to place a stone in this little pool to prevent it from being overturned.

DIY Bird Bath Fountain

You can diy bird bath bowl using the materials you have at hand. It is possible to use pieces of pipes, stumps and logs as a base. To make the construction reliable, this base should be fixed: it can be dug into the ground or grouted. Kitchen utensils (bowls, cups, old pans) or broken parts of children’s toys can be used as bowls. As far as you found the necessary materials and fixed the base, you just need to fix the bowl (using glue, liquid nails) and decorate it. Diy concrete bird bath is also an easy way to decorate the yard or garden.

One more easy variant is to make such a construction using a large pot. It will serve as the basis and ceramic or plastic cup will be used as a bowl. Such bathing can be painted with acrylic paints.

DIY Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

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