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If you like wildlife and have a desire to animate your garden, unique bird feeders are for you. This arrangement isn’t difficult to set up, it doesn’t ask special skill and doesn’t give a lot of troubles. In the same time, this manger attracts birdies and you will have a happiness to admire them fluttering and singing. Unique bird feeder plans may be very simple and cheap. It is easy to make a rack from […]

Important Facts About Wooden Bird Feeders

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Many people who like nature try to make wooden bird feeders, especially in their own yard and gardens. A rack can be made of different materials; plastic, metal, glass etc. But wood is the most popular as it is a natural material that blends well with the environment. They resemble lanterns or tiny houses without walls but with a floor to place seeds, and a roof to protect the feed from moisture. It’s better to […]

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